DIY Full Length Flower Mirror for Girls

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After painting L’s room pink, we decided it was time to find some wall decor to complete the room.

We decorated her room with white floating shelves, some art work, a bed canopy, and a pom pom garland. The last thing I wanted to add was a mirror to help her get ready in the morning.

I planed on grabbing on the inexpensive wall mirrors but once we had it home, I wanted to make it look a little nicer.

Here is how we added some flowers, which was super easy, not at all expensive and looked great.

DIY Flower Mirror Supplies

diy flower mirror

For this project, you will need the following:

Mirror: I bought mine from Home Depot but really you can find one at a lot of different stores like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon. I grabbed one with a white border to match the newly painted white trim in the bedroom. Depending on your design scheme, you might want to grab a different boarder such as wood or black.

Hot Glue Gun: You will be using this to attach the flowers on to the boarder of the mirror. We already had one but if you don’t you can buy it anywhere from Target to Amazon.

Floral Flowers: I grabbed a few bunches of flowers so that we had different types and sizes. I got these from the dollar store so each bunch was $1. Since we were going to be cutting off the stems, I didn’t want to buy expensive flowers. The quality of the dollar store flowers was fine for this project. Now, you could grab flowers at Joanns or Michaels. I would do this if you only have a coupon.

diy flower mirror

Command Hook Adhesives: To be able to attach it to the wall, we used these. They are great because they attach well and when you pull them off, they don’t damage the wall. We used 4 for the mirror, 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top.

Estimated Time and Cost

The project took about 20 minutes after we had all of the supplies.  The project costed $15. We didn’t have to buy the glue gun so that isn’t included in the total cost. The mirror was $7, and I over bought on the flowers because I didn’t know how many I would need or what I would like. We also already had extra command hook adhesives. If you need to buy these also, it will add a few bucks to the project.

Step 1: Destem all the flowers

Here you can see my little helper pulling off the stems of every flower and collecting them in a basket.

diy flower mirror

Once you have pulled off the stems, take a pair of scissors and cut the rest of the stem off of each flower. You want the back of the flower to be as flat as possible.

diy flower mirror

Step 2: Style the flowers

Before you glue the flowers onto the border, play around with your design. Try seeing how you want to arrange the flowers. You can make a pattern or randomly place them. You can mix and match color and size.

I decided to just decorate one corner of the mirror with flowers. Other ideas are to decorate opposite corners (top left and bottom right), every corner or even the whole boarder.

Step 3: Glue your flowers in place

After trying out a few designs, I decided to do a large flower in the corner and then add big flowers along each side (see picture). When gluing, I would also glue petals down to get the flowers to lay how I wanted them to. Some of the flowers would not lay flat so this gave me good gaps to fill with little flowers.

diy flower mirror

While using the hot glue gun be sure to try and keep the drips off the mirror. If you do get any on the mirror, then use dissolve it to get them off. Additionally, if your hot glue gun is like mine and drips, then protect your surface by placing something under it.

Step 5: Hang your mirror

Once you are happy with your design and the flowers are secure, it is time to hang up the mirror. We used the four command hook adhesives and put the mirror up on the wall right next to the closet.

diy flower mirror

DIY Flower Mirror

That’s it!

With glue and a few flowers, you can take a plain mirror and give it a little something extra. I repeated this project for my other daughter and both of the mirrors look great. It is simple and easy to do in an afternoon.

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